Abolishing Lice

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Lice is one of the plagues that seems to have come out of Egypt together with the Jews.  Israel is notorious for having the worst lice in the world–so much so that lice shampoos come with a disclaimer that reads “guaranteed, except in Israel”.  Not only that, if your child is susceptible, chances are that they are bringing home new bugs every single day.  

Twelve years ago, when I first started making dietary changes in my home, one of the side benefits was that my children, for the most part, stopped getting lice.  This caused me to re-evaluate how I look at lice.  I now see lice as just another form of parasite that invades our bodies, and lives off of our eco-system.  The more you have an eco-system that is suited to any parasite, the more likely you will be to attract them.  To prevent lice, I recommend creating an environment that is dry and healthy, a place that is unsuited to any parasite. 

Parasites love to live in mucoid conditions, places where everything moves slowly and sluggishly.  To make a body inhospitable to lice, the first step is to get rid of the “damp” mucoid condition.   This is done on two levels, avoiding foods that cause mucus and by eating foods that disperse mucus.  Additionally, I recommend using a probiotic which will restore the healthy flora to the intestines and help to quick-start the changes you are making.

Herbs are also useful in clearing mucus.  The herb that is of course the most helpful is rosemary, an ingredient commonly found in most herbal lice shampoos.  This is due to two of its properties.  Not only does rosemary help to clear mucus, it is also a cephalic.  This means that it has a cooling and stimulating effect on the brain.  It improves memory and helps with headaches.  Increased blood flow is the exact opposite of the conditions that parasites like.     

While it might not be enough for a child who is very susceptible to lice, one very simple dietary change might be enough for you.  Encouraging your child to drink the Rosemary-Spearmint tea from Wissotzky might give your kid that extra edge to reflect the lice away from them and have them looking for a friendlier environment.

For more information on the subject, or to schedule an appointment to discuss how to proceed with this type of diet, contact me at:

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Radish Leaf Pesto

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Seasonal cooking calls for springtime detox.  The best foods for detoxifying the body are bitter herbs.  I decided to talk this week about bitter herbs and how they help to alleviate “damp” conditions in the body-specifically a yeast condition known as candidiasis.   

Somehow, the idea of bitter herbs and yeast brought to mind another spring connection–you got it, Passover or to be more specific, the Passover seder.  With that connection made, I realized that the two have even more in common than I had originally thought.

Candidiasis is one of the health conditions that I see constantly in my nutritional work and in my clinic.  Candida is  a yeast-like fungi which loves “damp” conditions.  Symptoms of candida include, chronic fatigue, mental sluggishness, vaginitis, prostatitis, anal itching, bloating, digestive problems, bad breath, weak immune system, and cravings for sweets and yeasted breads. 

One doctor, Dr. Kurt Donsbach, goes so far as to say that candidiasis is the root cause of all major diseases.  This is because a yeast condition in the body disrupts the function of the whole body.  It is a case of a parasite taking control of your body and changing your natural eating inclinations, as well as your sleep requirements, all in order to serve your new master who now controls your most basic desires.  To begin the healing process,  one must first treat the candida.  The first step in healing candida is to avoid foods that contain sugar and  yeast, and to eat bitter foods and herbs.

Bam!  The lightbulb turned on.  Combine cleaning, bitter herbs, and yeast and there it is:  Seder night.  At the Seder we discuss how we went from slavery to freedom, not only physically but emotionally as well.   At the Passover Seder we are commanded to eat bitter foods.  We are also forbidden to eat bread.  Bread is flour which is caused to rise by the addition of yeast and sugar. 

Like at Passover, by eliminating the yeast and the sugar from the diet and  through eating  bitter foods we are getting rid of the parasites which inhabit our bodies as well as our souls.  In eliminating the parasite within, we no longer labor to serve a foreign body but rather are able to connect to our true selves. 


  • 1 bunch radish leaves
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 5 stalks coriander
  • 2″ chilli pepper
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp whole sesame paste
  • juice of 1 1/2 lemons
  • 1 tsp water

Puree all the ingredients in a food processor.

Serve as a condiment, or add more oil and lemon and serve as a salad dressing.

Note:  Most supermarkets remove the leaves from the radishes.  To find radish leaves you should try your local fruit and vegetable store or the shuk.

I would also like to say that even though this dish sounds way too healthy, it was loved by the whole class.


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