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Yesterday I made the mistake of innocently commenting on someones Facebook post.  The topic was the  mass hysteria of parents who were attempting to vaccinate, their not yet vaccinated children, against polio.  The hysteria is a result, not of a case of polio, but a discovery of the virus in a sewage treatment plant.  While this is not wonderful news,  it is also not a reason for panic.  The comments on this post, blamed the appearance of this disease at the feet of people who don’t vaccinate their children. While the most medical professionals, and many people accept this as a given, not all do.  I got annoyed at the negativity of the comments regarding the irresponsibility of parents who don’t vaccinate and attempted to establish that there might be room for a second opinion.  Is there a place in our society to question vaccinations?  Is there such a thing as a legitimate reason and  a medically sound basis  to choose not to vaccinate? Do documented studies show beyond a doubt, that vaccines are the best option,  the only option, and that there are no other options?

Blow me over!  I swear, I was almost lynched!  The venom coming out of peoples mouths and the animosity which extended from this group of people was overwhelming!  The reaction of people to my innocent comment persuaded me to reopen a subject which I had not addressed for many years.

Often when I see such strong opinions presented by people who know very little on the subject I look for the reason why.  So to say, the hand that is leading the masses.  The last time I encountered such strong reactions to an established medical belief,  was twelve years ago, when I first started questioning the health benefits of dairy.  The fury of the people questioned on their dogmatic belief that dairy products were the healthiest food in the world, is similar to the fury I am encountering when questioning the true health benefits of vaccines.

Vaccines are presented to us as medically sound, they are sold to us through a combined marketing technique of fear and guilt.  Those who question the efficacy of current medical indoctrination, are treated as marginals,  pariahs, radicals, and undesirables.  The insults thrown at me actually made me even more curious about the subject.  Yesterday, I was called “anti-establishment” because I mentioned the fact that the sale of vaccines is a billion dollar business, and that pharma-business (like any other business) focuses on profits and increasing sales.  To my mind, this statement sounds logical and rational, not radical and anti-establishment.  I was ridiculed for seeing a conspiracy, when I mentioned, that there is a direct connection between political lobbies and government regulations.  What I did not mention, is a front page article in today’s Globes, (Israel’s leading financial paper) noting the millions of dollars spent by pharma-businesses, providing health care professionals with fully paid, luxurious vacations, where they attend a completely biased conference about the effectiveness of their products.

The peoples desire to see the vaccines as an entirely philanthropic operation, meant to cure the world of all disease is not surprising.  This is the message that has been given to us from a very young age.  It is what we were taught by our medical caretakers, our educational system, and by our parents.

While my message today is not meant to influence anyone’s decision to “shoot or not to shoot”, it is meant to question the system of beliefs that have been deeply ingrained in us since we were young children.  Are we educated on the subject?  Are there other options? Are those opinions from reputable sources? Are all vaccines medically equal-both in their effectiveness, and in their negative side effects?

As a consumer, I research even the smallest of my purchases, certainly the matter of life and death should be given the same attention as one might dedicate to purchasing a pair of shoes?  The information is out there, a simple google as to the pros and cons of vaccination will provide a wealth of information.  A dedicated and open-minded medical professional told me, that while she might agree with my personal decisions, she could not support what I was saying publicly, because I could be misquoted, and used as a reason for someone not to vaccinate.  While I respect this woman very much, I disagree, education is the best form of prevention.  None-the-less, I have said nothing radical, unless independent thought is considered to be radical.  Educate yourself, research the topic,  draw your own conclusions, feel comfortable with your decision, don’t point a finger at those who disagree with you.   Perhaps those who you disagree with have formulated their own opinion.  Have you formulated your own?

I wish everyone a life of good health and happiness.

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    Well said/written!!!

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