Nutrition Workshop #2: The Liver.

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Liver-Spleen Relationship

  • Digestive System

Liver-Kidney Relationship

  • Aging and Dryness

Liver-Heart Relationship

  • Heart Disease

Liver Qi Stagnation

  • Anger, impatience, frustration, resentment, violence, belligerence, rudeness, edginess, arrogance, stubbornness, aggression, impulsiveness, explosive personality.
  • Tendons, eyes, circulation, menstruation, hormones, skin disease, allergies, arthritis, migraines, headaches, gall stones, stomach pain.

Healing the Liver

  • Eat less.
  • Eat less saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, rancid oils, refined oils, rancid nuts and seeds.
  • Chemicals and toxins in food and water.
  • Alcohol.
  • Processed and refined food.

Eat more Healthy Liver Foods

  • Pungent and bitter foods:  Watercress, onion family, turmeric, basil, bay leaf, cardamom, marjoram, cumin, fennel, dill, ginger, black pepper, horseradish, rosemary, mint, melissa, angelica.
  • Raw and sprouted foods
  • Whole grains
  • Apple cider vinegar and lemon
  • Bitter foods: rye, romaine lettuce, asparagus, quinoa/amaranth, alfalfa, radish, dandelion, chamomile, mung beans and sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, celery, cucumber, rhubarb.
  • Mushrooms
  • Chlorophyll rich foods, barley and wheat grass, spirulina, wild blue-green algae, seaweeds (especially kelp).  These contain both GLA and Omega 3 and accelerate liver rejuvenation.


  • Contain 10-20 times the minerals of land plants plus an abundance of vitamins and elements.
  • Contain all of the minerals found in our blood.
  • Grow in a saline solution and are easily absorbed by our bodies.
  • Detoxify: Chemicals, heavy metals and radioactive materials.
  • Soften masses.
  • Transform phlegm.
  • Diuretic and help with water metabolism.
  • Lymphatic cleansers.
  • Alkalize the blood
  • Alleviate stagnant liver qi.
  • Benefit the thyroid.
  • Beneficial to weight loss.
  • lowers cholesterol and fat in the blood
  • Rejuvenates the lungs and the GI tract.
  • Excellent source of iodine, calcium, and iron.

Kelp is the most effective for helping with obesity, low thyroid function, high blood pressure, blood clots, edema, anticoagulant.

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